All events organised by Häkki have a minimum agelimit of 18 years.

Rope practise

At rope practise we learn japanese and american bondage safely and with our clothes on.

There are two practise groups, for beginners (Basic) and for those with more experience (Advanced). It costs 10 euros for non-members and 5 euros for members per group. The payment is for either all the spring or fall practises. There is no advance sign-up, but please arrive on time. Bondage is practised with partners. You can bring your own partner or ask someone there to be your partner. If possible bring your own ropes.

Everybody is welcome, you don’t have to be a student. Usually there is a relaxed and good atmosphere at practise.

2017 Spring practise times
Not all times have been decided yet. Usually practise continues until early summer. You can check for updates at this page.