Contact details

The board for 2019:

Chairperson: Peltsi
Vice-chairperson: Equzki
Treasurer: QoS 
Member of the board: Blesaja
Member of the board: Galesi
Member of the board: Renz
Member of the board: Roomeo
Member of the board: Toilari
Supplementary member of the board: Blandina

The officials for 2019:

You can reach the entire board by sending an email to hallitus at

You can reach individual members of the board or the officials by sending an email to their personal addresses, which follow the format  nickname at


Mailing list: hakki-jasen

Mailing list for Häkki’s members. This list is used for informing our members of our activities and events.
You can join the list by becoming a member.


Mailing list: hakki-info

Mailing list for everyone: hakki-info
This list is used for informing the subscribers of our events which are open for everyone (instead of our members only).

Joining the list:
(You can also contact the board and ask to be added on the info list)

Leaving the list: