Häkki’s Discord server was founded in the beginning of 2019, and a majority of our members have already found their ways online. You can join the discussion by downloading Discord to your own device and by following the link you reveive when your application has been approved. You can find the link also in our member forum.

When joining the server you’ll first enter a lobby with little to no visibility to the real discussion. This is because we want to make sure everyone who joins the server is in fact a member of Häkki. Häkki’s board adds the access rights as soon as they can whenever a new member joins. So don’t be alarmed even though the server seems to be empty, and please be patient while we check your access rights!

Please use the same nickname on Discord that you used when you applied to Häkki! You can change your nickname (even only for our server alone, if you’re already using Discord with another name) by typing /nick <new nickname> or by changing it in the server’s settings.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free-to-use, real time messaging service, which makes it possible to communicate both in text and speech. You can read more about Discord from Discord’s own Help Center.

How to join?

Discord works in your browser and has its own desktop and mobile applications (Android / iOS).

In short:

1) Register as a new Discord user
2) Download Discord on your device or open Discord in your browser.
3) Log in.
4) Join Häkki’s Discord Server by following the link you’ll receive when joining the association.
5) Wait for a while for the board to check your access rights.

So please join us on Discord and have a chat with other members of Häkki!