Häkki arranges all sorts of events throughout the year. Our activities are strongly based around the academic year of the University, but we aim to organize events also during summers for example. Most of our events are aimed only for our members, but we also organize events that are open for everyone aged 18 and above.

The age restriction to Häkki’s events is 18 years. The members have the right to sign up for our events before the registrations are opened to other people.

In our events you can also join Häkki as a member, pay your membership fee and pick up your membership card.

You can find more information of our most popular events below:

Shibari courses

In our Shibari courses we practice the basics of both Japanese and American bondage techniques. If you are interested in rope bondage, you are more than welcome to participate in one of our courses even if you aren’t a member of Häkki.

The course is especially catered for the beginners, but even more experienced participant will get something out of it as well. We have some amount of ropes that we can borrow for you to use during our course if you don’t have your own set of ropes just yet. But please, if you have your own ropes, bring them with you.

We recommend loose and comfortable clothes for the course and bring a bottle or two of water with you as well.

Bondage is done in pairs, so it is recommended that you have a pair with you if you enlist to the course, but of course you can try and find a partner from the actual course as well.

Courses are held during the fall and spring semesters (one during each semester) and they usually last from the beginning of the semester until the end of the semester. Interest towards our shibari course is growing all the time and the fall 2017 course was sold out in 15 minutes. So if you want be sure that you hear about the course as soon as possible, join Häkki or subscribe to our info mailing list (you will get updates only on the events that are open to everyone).


Häkki arranges various amounts of different workshops through out the year. For example during the year 2018 we have had workshops on whipping, hypnosis, and making whips with more workshops still planned for later parts of the year.

Our aim is to arrange workshops depending on the interests of our members which naturally means there will some variety on the actual workshops held each year.

Sauna parties

Häkki arranges a pre-christmas party sauna each year as a part of the general fall meeting and if possible other sauna parties/trips as well. So come and relax, and meet new kinky minded people.

Club evenings (members only)

Club evenings or meetings at Kertsi (as shown on calendar) are arranged once or twice each month in downtown Helsinki. Our clubhouse guarantees a private and peaceful atmosphere and you can just come out and hang out or talk with other like minded people. Some of our meetings at Kertsi have their own theme which means we will have a group conversations involving the theme and possible other programme based on the theme.

Bar meetings / Munch (members only)

Members of Häkki meet up once a month right next to the downtown campus. Come&enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and good conversation with your fellow kinksters.

Pre-party gatherings (members only)

Are you interested in going to a kinky party, but going alone isn’t very attractive thought? Häkki arranges pre-party gatherings and group starts to some of the parties held in Helsinki region. We will discuss scene rules, party etiquette, dresscode and other topics that interest our members. So come and join your fellow Häkki members and explore the parties with us.

We also organize:

  • Newcomers’ night at the start of every academic year
  • Take part in HYY’s opening carnival and freshman adventure
  • Discussion events
  • Movie events
  • Excursions
  • And much more!

Is the above list missing some sort of event? Would you like to help Häkki organize new events? Contact Häkki’s board and share us your idea! Our goal is to organize all sorts of kinky-related events.