Häkki has an etiquette to ensure a relaxed but safe atmosphere within our community and events. Our activities are based on respecting one another’s consent and privacy, and any violations to these are not tolerated. If you notice any violations, we kindly ask you to inform the board members or the person organizing the event about it.

  1. Harrassing other members and/or violating their consent both physically and verbally are strictly forbidden, and any violations will always lead to disciplinary actions.
  2. We do not condone judgmental discourse. Everyone has the right to themselves and their opinions.
  3. Respect other’s private space. In other words, don’t grope or get too close to others if not invited to do so.
  4. Do not spread information about the identities or other private matters of our members or the participants in our events to outsiders. Everyone has the right to choose what information they wish to share about themselves with other members.
  5. If you run into another member outside of our community, you should not approach them in a way that would reveal any information about their sexual identity to others without their consent.
  6. We do not condone behavior that is based on assumptions about other people’s preferences. This includes for example hurting someone on the assumption that they would be into it based only on their orientation.
  7. We organize all sorts of events and the event rules might vary based on the event in question. The rules of the event are published along the events themselves, and the participants are responsible to act according to these rules.
  8. In general, we will always follow the house rules of the venue in question. Usually for example risky activities such as breathplay, breaking of skin (with any tool) and using fire in a session is strictly prohibited without a permission from the event organizer. If you aren’t sure which activities are allowed, ask first.
  9. You are not allowed to take photos in our events without other peoples’ consent. Always ask for a permission to take any photos within our events, and make sure no one who doesn’t want to be in the photo ends up in one.
  10. Every member of Häkki and participant of our events is responsible for themselves and their actions in both live and online events. Anyone violating this etiquette can be expelled from the association. The event organizer also has the right to remove any person from our events if their behavior is found disturbing.

(Should there be any conflicts with the Finnish version of the etiquette, the Finnish version overrules the conflicting parts.)