Fresher Adventure 2021

( Klikkaa suomenkieliseen ohjeeseen)

What can you do with a meat hammer, a candle and a clothespin? Come and invent naughty uses for regular household items at the Fresher Adventure checkpoint of the Academic Kinksters of Helsinki!

Everyone of us has all sorts of different items at home, which have their mundane and not-so-kinky uses. However, in the hands of an imaginative and twisted (in a good way!) person these items might find completely new uses than their original inventor might have most likely imagined themselves.

Häkki’s checkpoint is completed by coming up with a new use for a regular household item, taking a photo of it, and publishing it on Instagram.

Completing the checkpoint:
1) Come up with a new and naughty use for your regular household item of choice
2) Take a social media friendly photo of your chosen item that fits the item’s new purpose
3) Publish the photo on Instagram. Write down your team’s number in the photo description and describe how you’d use the chosen item in a new and naughty way. Add the following hashtags: #häkki, #akateemisetkinkyt, #fuksiseikkailu
4) Fill the attached form with your team’s details and a link to your Instagram post.
5) You just scored Fresher Adventure points, enjoy!

This year, teams’ checkpoint performances are only assessed on a scale of accepted/failed. To score a point, you have to follow the above instructions. There are no wrong ways to use your items – let your imagination fly!

NB! Only photos published during the Fresher Adventure, i.e. on Tuesday 5th of October from 16:00 to 20:00 are accepted.