Want to organize an event?

No one is arranging events that you would like to participate? Do you have an event concept that you would like to carry out? Would you like to participate in planning and organizing future Häkki events or maybe to do something else to benefit the organization and your fellows kinksters?

Häkki has a long tradition of arranging events. We can help you with both planning the event and organizing it, with addition of arranging you the locale for it and informing our members about the event. So, no matter what your idea is and how much you can be involved in executing the event, we welcome you to arranging new programme for Häkki.

By participating in the associations activities you have better chance of making the Board, should you nominate yourself for such position. Since Häkki is a non-profit organization, we won’t be able to pay you for arranging events.

So, tell us about yourself and/or your ideas by sending us an email to hallitus at akateemisetkinkyt.fi. And tell us what YOU would like to do!