Description of File

Created: 10.10.2017
Last Change: 22.01.2019

Description of file as required by the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99 10§) and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Record holder

Helsingin akateemiset kinkyt ry / HÄKKI

2. Caretaker of the record

Häkki’s board (hallitus at

3. Name of the record

Membership record of Helsingin akateemisten kinkyt ry.

4. Purpose of the record

A record of Häkki’s members (proper members, supporting members and honorary members). The data in the record is used for managing memberships.

5. Data included in the record

– Name
– Nickname
– Home town
– Year of birth
– Email address
– Preferred language: Finnish/English
– Type of membership
– Student number (proper members)
– Date of joining the association
– Date of paying the membership fee (supporting members)

6. Source of information

Häkki receives the information regarding its members from its membership form, which is filled by the members themselves. The information regarding the dates of paying the membership fees is received from the association’s bank account.

7. The regular destinations of disclosed data

A right of inspection of the record is reserved for the representative of HYY (Student Union of the University of Helsinki). This applies to checking the student status of Häkki’s members, as at least half of our members have to be members of HYY. The member record is confidential and no other information is handed out to any other parties.

8. Principles of security

The processing of the data held in the record has to be dealt with care to ensure that the privacy of Häkki’s members will not be compromised gratuitously.

The data held in the record is stored on a multinational service provider’s server. The service provider has commited to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. Only the persons with the appropriate privileges have the access to the record. The membership record is protected by a password. The connections between the register and workstations have been protected to prevent any third parties to get access to the information. The privileges required to access the record can be granted to the board members only. The privileges can be limited to either “view-only” or “full access”, depending on the person’s role in the board. Otherwise, the Finnish Personal Data Act is followed.

9. The right of access

A member has the right of access to the data on themselves unless otherwise stated in the Finnish Personal Data Act. The request has to be made personally to Häkki’s board. A member has the right to inspect the record free of charge once per year.

10. Rectification

An erroneous piece of information will be corrected when requested by the registered person. The request has to individualize the erroneous pieces of information and provide an explanation for why and how they have to be corrected. The request to correct errors in the record has to be sent to the board (hallitus at An erroneous piece of information will be corrected without undue delay.