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Helsingin akateemiset kinkyt ry or Häkki (i.e. Academic kinksters of Helsinki or “Cage” in Finnish) is the largest BDSM and fetish related student association in Finland for kinksters – people who feel BDSM and/or fetishes are a part of their sexual identity. Our purpose is to improve sexual equality in Finland, especially amongst the students of the University of Helsinki. Häkki offers a tolerant and understanding community for everyone interested in BDSM and fetishism, where our members can meet other like-minded people, have discussions about kinky-related subjects and most importantly have fun with other kinksters.

Our main purposes are building and developing a community of kinksters consisting of young adults living in the Helsinki metropolitan area, not forgetting the educational and communicational activities around kinky subjects. We have for example a Discord server with more than 450 users, which is often regarded as the best kinky Discord in Finland for a reason. We also organize all sorts of kinky events – such as munches, courses and workshops – throughout the year. Our activities are mainly based around the academic year of the University of Helsinki, but we aim to organize events also during the summer holidays. Most of our events are aimed only at our members, but we also organize events that are open for everyone aged 18 and above.

In Häkki, everyone are allowed to be themselves, and take part in our activities and discussions as little or as much as they feel comfortable. You can just sit back and follow discussions, learn all sorts of kinky stuff, make friends with other members, get a hang of how you should begin your own kinky journey, or jump straight into the deep end, as you wish. No one will look you with a bad eye, no matter how you decide to participate. We emphasize consent in everything we do, which means you can decide yourself how much you want to get involved in different activities.

During the past years our member base has grown to over 900 members, out of which 58% are students at the University of Helsinki, 14% are students in other institutions, and 28% are supporting members. In terms of the number of our members, our largest age group is the 21-25-year-old students of the University of Helsinki. 72% of our members live in Helsinki, 9% live in Espoo, 7% in Vantaa, 4% live somewhere else in the Greater Helsinki area, and the rest 8% in other regions of Finland. 91% of our members prefer to speak Finnish as their chosen language, while 9% prefer other languages.

We act mainly amongst the students of the University of Helsinki, but we also welcome other academic and non-academic kinksters to join us. You can apply for a membership by filling the membership form on our website and by following the given instructions.

Welcome aboard!

“Häkki has helped me to find new friends and a friendly and safe community, where I can be myself.”

— Female, 20

As the internet is full of information about BDSM in English and as our aim is to educate mainly the Finnish audience, we’ve decided to keep our English section as brief as possible. So all of you Finns who stumbled upon our website after a Google search and got directed here, please note that there is much more information available on the Finnish side. However, should there be anything you’d like to ask, you can always contact Häkki’s board by email in English as well. We’re happy to help! 🙂