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Helsingin akateemiset kinkyt ry or Häkki (i.e. Academic kinksters of Helsinki or “Cage” in Finnish) is an organization for kinksters – people who feel BDSM and/or fetishes are a part of their sexual identity. We are the largest BDSM and fetish related student association in Finland. We work mainly amongst students of the University of Helsinki, but we also welcome other academic and non-academic kinksters. The association was founded in February 2009.

The purpose of the organization is to promote for sexual equality in Finland, especially amongst the students of the University of Helsinki. Häkki provides a tolerant and understanding environment for everyone interested in BDSM or fetishism, where they can meet other like-minded people, have discussions about kinky-related subjects and most importantly have fun with other kinksters.

Häkki had 381 members at the turn of the year (31.12.2019), out of which around 71% were students of the University of Helsinki.

As the internet is full of information about BDSM in English and as our aim is to educate mainly the Finnish audience, we’ve decided to keep our English section as brief as possible. So all of you Finns who stumbled upon our website after a Google search and got directed here, please note that there is much more information available on the Finnish side. However, should there be anything you’d like to ask, you can always contact Häkki’s board by email in English as well. We’re happy to help! 🙂