The Board

Häkki’s board’s composition for the year 2024 is as follows, the more detailed introductions are below.

Board members:

  • jepsu: chairperson, communications officer, environment officer
  • Ephemeral: vice-chair
  • sanskomac: treasurer
  • Kukka: secretary, equality officer, events officer
  • Ana: rules and regulations
  • Prometheus: membership officer, community / Discord manager
  • Eguzki: contact person for appointed officials, facility manager, organization relations regarding University of Helsinki’s societies
  • prickly_bunny: contact person for new members, active member relations, organization relations regarding other scene communities, events officer

Vice members: 

  • Ranod: events officer
  • renz: events officer

Board’s introductions


Hii! I´m jepsu, I´ve been a member of Häkki since 2018, an on and off active for a few years. Last year was a bit of a still life for me, but now I´m fully back and also a member of a Häkki board! As a chairperson I, for example, call together board meetings, make agendas, take care that the decided things get done and overall try to be updated with all Häkki stuff. As communications officer I make sure that all necessary subjects are in the newsletter and also send out other information throughout the year. As environment officer I will update the environmental plan and plan our course of actions to be more sustainable. I´m also involved in developing active´s work and the  inclusion of our members and Häkki´s sense of community are important themes to me in general. Feel free to come and talk if you have anything Häkki-related on your mind and see you at the events!


Hello everyone! I use the nickname Ephemeral in the sex/kinky positive scene. I have been in Häkki for the first time since the end of 2017. For some years, I was less actively involved, but gradually became more active in Häkki’s activities. For example, I have helped organize various smaller and larger events. This year I’m on Häkki’s board as vice chairman. Other things that I promote, for example, is for Häkki’s 15th anniversary as an anniversary party representative. In general, it is important to me that the well-being of the entire community is taken into consideration. I think this will positively affect everything we do. I also have the desire to guide Häkki’s operations strategically, where the right people do the right things at the right time with the necessary resources!


Sanskomac, male bearded individual on the dominant side of the spectrum. Sometimes long-haired, now bald, mostly. I’ve been in the scene and a member of Häkki for around five years, and the treasurer of Häkki from 2020. I am somewhat older than perhaps most average students, and have managed to complete my Bachelor’s a few time units ago. You can email or discord DM me about money stuff related to Häkki, and I’ll try to answer in a day or two.


secretary, equality officer, events officer


Hi! I’m Ana, a new member of the board. I have been in häkki since last summer. I am in charge of rules and regulations related, and other boring stuff. If you have any questions about the functioning of the association, or anything else really, always feel free to approach me! You can normally find me at our clubroom, during häkki events and outside of them too.


Heya! I joined Häkki in 2019, through which I have theen been active in the kinky scene as well as  been involved in organizing all kinds of events. This is my 2nd year in Häkki’s board, with a role of membership officer, as well as of community & Discord manager; during my previous board year I was responsible for Häkki’s communication. Feel free to chat with me in all of the events, as well as through Discord.


contact person for appointed officials, facility manager, organization relations regarding University of Helsinki’s societies


Heya! I go by Prickly in the scene and can be found in the socials under prickly_bunny. I just started my first year on Häkki’s board and I’m in charge of new members, our wonderful active members, relations with other scene associations, and along with three other board members: events. My goal for the year is to make it easier for newbies to ease into Häkki, improve our active member activities along with current and future active members, organize more events according to the wishes of our members and improve our cooperation with other scene associations. I’m more than happy to talk to both friends and strangers at Häkki’s events and would love to hear any feedback on how we can turn Häkki into an even better association. -🦔


events officer


events officer