Häkki interrogates: son_of_jupiter

Häkki interrogates is our new questionnaire series, in which we interview our members with foreign backgrounds. We bite into the scene of the Helsinki metropolitan area as seen by foreigners, and we investigate what got our interviewees interested in Häkki. 

Hey, introduce yourself briefly to everyone

Well…Hello everyone!

My “The avengers” nickname is “son_of_jupiter”. Not sure why I came up with this nickname, just put the first thing that came in my mind. I consider myself very laid-back and easy-going. I don’t believe in fate, but I believe we’re all here in this world for improving ourselves, connecting, having some fun and making the most of this life.

What lured you into Häkki and when did you join?

My wife and I have been attending to the kinky scene since August last year and our friend Princess Gigi suggested us to be part of the Häkki.

Did you participate in the events of the BDSM scene in your home country? If you did participate any events or munches how would you compare them with the ones we have in Finland?

Unfortunately not yet. I’ve had my own fetish list and kinky urges since my teenagehood. Maybe not very aware of what being “kinky” means back then. I just feel now that I have never been vanilla, moreover I’ve always noticed that something was missing, but never had the chance for even sharing it with friends or ex-girlfriends. Being able to be honest and share this “way of life” with my wife is something brand new for me and it feels great.

Is the Finnish BDSM scene welcoming to those who don’t speak the language?

Yes,it is. Even though I do want to learn Finnish and improve my speaking skills eventually, not being able to speak proper Finnish has never been a barrier for interacting with people and making friends.

Are there any challenges that you face as a foreigner?

No challenges at all as a foreigner in the kinky scene, so far so good. I mean, there are all kinds of people. Those reserved ones, the shy ones, the social and welcoming ones and that’s fine. That’s diversity and I respect that. And those who organize the events are very cool people. In the “real life”, well…not being a Finnish speaker narrow down my career options in Finland, obviously that’s something pretty hard when you need to pay bills and so on. By the way… Do you need a personal trainer or a web developer? I’m open for opportunities in such areas. Hahaha 😉

Do you have any unforgettable experiences in the BDSM events/munches you would like to share with others?

What to say…everything that releases some adrenaline into our veins is great. Not exactly unforgettable, but it is such a great experience when it challenges us and gives some new perspectives about life, human relations, all these experiences are gold for me. If it makes me a better human, it was worth it. It is not just about horniness only, it’s about intelligence too…and it excites me as much as primal play, rough sex and curvy women. (and lasagna)

Any words of encouragement to those who are still questioning whether or not they should participate events?

Dare to live. Dare to live your life the way it best suits your needs. Make it consensual if it involves other people, be respectful. It is cliché what I’m about to say, but I’ll say it anyway: you only live once. Sharing a mutual goal with others creates a bonding experience and I believe that’s what life is all about. You might agree with me or not, and that’s not a big deal to disagree either. Yet, I truly believe that “is your loss” not to engage in something that might bring you some joy in this chaotic world.


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